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DJ Sub

DJ SubIf your system lacks that rumbling bottom end you may need to invest in a DJ Sub. We stock a huge range of DJ Sub in both passive and active models, singles and paired kits. A DJ Sub is great for those doing larger than normal venue's, predominantly dance or R'nB music, or for those who don't want to run their main speakers to hard. A DJ Sub can be a great investment in preserving the life of your existing DJ Speakers. These DJ Bass Bin provide exactly what the name suggests, bass! All our DJ Bass Bin have fitted crossovers, which cut the high frequencies off, and only allow the low frequencies, or bass to come through your sub. On many of our DJ Bass Bin, the crossover can act as an in and out configuration, where you can go from your amplifier to your sub, then out the back of your sub and into your speakers. This can preserve the life of your speakers, and all the bass goes to the DJ Bass Bin, and all the mid-range and high frequencies go to your tops.